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    Social Media Presence

    I've been a member of InTouch for many years. I recently added the Social Media application to my marketing membership. The team built my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and worked with my BD compliance department to obtain approval without me having to be involved. I chose to post to each site twice per week which is automated for me... the visibility for my practice has been fantastic and it doesn't require any work on my end. I always assumed social networking would be a time drain. The InTouch team understands financial advisors' needs and has been a tremendous support as I grow my practice.

  • ED


    I recently transitioned my book of business to a new broker/dealer. Because I was busy moving client accounts, I didn't have time to personally send a letter to my contacts informing them of the move. The InTouch team prepared a 3 part email campaign to my clients, prospects and COIs. The first email explained my decision to transition my practice. The second email detailed the improved client experience at the new broker-dealer followed by a 3rd email reminding clients to send back their paperwork if they haven't already. All emails deployed in my custom email template which has buttons to view my website and LinkedIn profile. Clear communication was a key component to my successful transition and I couldn't have done it without the help of InTouch.

  • MIKE


    InTouch is the best referral generating system for my practice! I cannot tell you how many times my clients forward my weekly emails to their family and friends. This gives me more exposure than anything I can do myself.

  • SUE

    Client Appreciation Event

    My client appreciation event went off perfectly! Everything was so professional and my clients and guests all commented on what a great night they had. My staff worked hand in hand with InTouch the entire time and found their help invaluable.


    Board of Directors Meeting

    After debating about it for years, I was able to run my first Board of Directors meeting. I had clients and centers of influence on my new advisory board and thanks to the InTouch team, I had a process to follow. From invitations, communication pieces, agenda to follow and meeting handouts - amazing!!



    Four years ago, I had a client who had been referred to me. He was in Venture Capital and was in the process of moving to Georgia. I did have his email address so I added him to InTouch.

    About a month ago, out of the blue, he responded to my regular email campaign, first thanking me for keeping in touch with him, and second saying he wanted to talk with me about his insurance policy.

    THE RESULT: $5 million of insurance for him and $2 million for his wife with premium ranging between $7k to $42k annually, along with moving over $3 million of assets. This opportunity would never have happened without InTouch!

  • ANDY

    CFP Designation Announcement

    Recently, I earned my CFP designation. The InTouch team sent an email announcement to my contacts sharing the good news. They did a great job of explaining the designation and why it's an important credential. From the email, it built credibility with my clients, prospects and COIs and I even got some responses of congratulations.


    New Team Member Announcement

    When I added a new staff member to my team, InTouch was able to pull an announcement together to introduce her to my contacts. They even included her photo and a small bio on her. Now, when my clients call, they can put a face with a name and it built that sense of familiarity.

  • TONY

    Website Announcement

    When I asked Becca to add my new website to my weekly email templates, she told me the best way to gain traffic is to send out an email campaign to introduce the site. The InTouch team built an awesome announcement with clickable buttons to drive my contacts to my website. InTouch provides an easy opportunity to create visibility and traction for my practice.

  • DON

    Financial Plan Practice Acquisition

    I recently acquired a financial planning practice from another advisor. The InTouch team created a custom Welcome email to these new clients. InTouch added a thumbnail of my bio so the clients could click to read more about me as well as a button to click to schedule a confidential meeting. It was an easy way to reach out to these clients, introduce myself and schedule meetings.

  • BOB

    Visibility for ProActive Advisor Interview

    After I was featured in ProActive Advisor magazine, InTouch deployed an announcement around the article so I could share the exciting news with my most important contacts. It was another opportunity to build my credibility and stay in front of my clients. My clients were impressed to read the interview and even forwarded the announcement to their friends and coworkers.

  • JOHN

    Printed Birthday Cards

    The custom birthday cards with my firm logo and digital signature is one of the best services InTouch offers. Since the envelopes are hand addressed, my clients always open them, and the number of thank you emails and calls I receive is unbelievable. I feel good knowing I'm connecting with my clients on their special day.


    Professional Partner Relationship

    I was excited when my CPA decided to offer financial planning services. Once he obtained the proper licenses we signed up for the partner email campaign that InTouch offers. They build custom email templates featuring my CPA partner's photo and contact information followed by mine as the financial advisor. InTouch deploys weekly emails to the CPA's clients so we can showcase the services that he now has access to. This has been great in generating new activity and keeping the clients informed. The best part: the metrics reporting on the database. Together, we can view who reads the emails which always leads to deeper conversation about each client's financial planning needs and ultimately opens up more new cases.

  • ADAM

    LinkedIn Contacts

    I have a ton of LinkedIn contacts and wanted to leverage my weekly InTouch emails to that list. Becca and Ilbum sent out a great marketing tip about downloading those contacts from LinkedIn and adding them to my InTouch database. Ilbum walked me through the process and the contacts were added to my database the next day. It's another great way to stay in front of these contacts and remind them of the services I offer.

  • GUL

    Educational Seimnar Series

    My partner and I wanted to do a series of educational events to kick off the fall season but we weren't sure if our client base would be interested. The InTouch team created and deployed a special campaign asking for our clients to pick the topics that interested them most! Now we know exactly what information our clients are looking for and can schedule the events around the topics they want to learn more about.

  • GREG


    My assistant has always sent gifts to our clients but it is very time consuming and ultimately takes her away from completing new business and touching base with our clients and prospects. I made the decision to shift the gifting aspect of my practice to InTouch. They have a great site which features their gifting selections. All I have to do is select a gift, populate my client's information and gift message and the rest is taken care of. Their customized gift cards have also been a big hit with my clients. It really goes the extra mile when a client receives a gift card with my name and firm logo on it. Pretty neat!

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